Newest GI Monitor Release (5.0) is Now Available

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large_mza_5330895419009735466.320x480-75.jpegby Brett Shamosh

The latest and greatest version of GI Monitor (5.0) for Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis is now available for iOS and Android devices (including the Amazon Kindle). Here’s what’s new in this release and why we did it:

New springboard layout and upgraded theme to support retina resolution
We created the new “springboard” layout for a few reasons: 1. We wanted to enhance usability. 2. We wanted the flexibility to add some features that our users are asking for. 3. We wanted to support the iOS retina display.

Ability to edit logs! (as requested by our users)
You asked for it, and we did it. By far, the most requested feature since our last release was the ability to edit logs without having to delete a log and recreate it. Now you can! Just go to “Daily Logs” and select edit. This will allow you to go back into any individual log, make adjustments and save.

Ability to add links to Socialize posts
Our users clearly love to share and help each other (everything from suggested pick-me-ups to great recipes with tolerable foods). So we added the ability to post links and socialize around them.

Added “posted by” to Photo Therapy
To be perfectly honest, we just got tired of people asking “who posted the picture of....”? So we took care of that one.

Fixed MyChart view bug
There was a known bug in the charts that was causing some display issues. Charts should be working well now, and they’re a great way to make correlations between symptoms, diet and treatments.

We will always continue to enhance GI Monitor with the help of physicians, patients and researchers. Thanks to all for your help developing and enhancing GI Monitor. Enjoy the new release and keep the feedback coming!

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