e-patient Dave: Gimme My Damn Data

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data.jpgby Brett Shamosh

If you haven't seen e-patient Dave's deBronkart's inspiring TedTalk demanding we "Let Patients Help", then you probably don't care that much about the consumer health movement (or maybe you just missed it). We all hope stories like Dave's will become commonplace in the coming years.

As someone who has learned first hand how little we know about our bodies and how much lies in our data, I hope Dave's simple message resonates with all patients. Patient data is tremendously powerful and can change the course of human health and wellness. So who better to take ownership of it than...well, each and every one of us. After all, its our lives.

To underscore this important point, Dave does a little rap during his TedTalk. His public speaking skills are a little bit better than his rapping skills, so I took a few minutes to clean it up (its still ALL Dave) in hopes that many will share Dave's message to "Gimme My Damn Data". Take a listen and spread the word...

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